the working team

a Product Development Studio

We partner with startups and other change agents. We build a way out of problems, scale what works, change what doesn’t. We use data, quantitative and qualitative, to understand customer needs and use iterative, efficiency-focused approaches to keep projects on track. Some of our specific services are listed below. Feel free to reach out to talk through how we can work together.

  • Software Development

    Prototyping, general software development, release engineering

  • Product Management

    Customer research, feature definition, cross-team alignment, roadmap management

  • Organizational Strategy

    Role definition, recruiting, scaling teams, change management, culture creation

  • Scaling Operations

    Workflow optimization, metric development and operationalization

- We have a robust network of people that we can tap in order to customize teams to your needs. -

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Co-FounderJulia's LinkedIn
Julia serves as an advisor to early-stage companies, focusing on product development, scaling operations, and investor strategy. Most recently, Julia spent eight years at Facebook where she was a Product Manager for applied machine learning. Before that, she spent seven years scaling and leading teams focused on monetization and product experience analytics. Earlier in her career, she worked in forensic analytics, marketplace insights and scaled customer support for Facebook’s global advertising business. Julia is writing a book about incubating and scaling new technology disciplines. She serves as Board Chair of the Points North Institute, a leading documentary film organization. Julia graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Business and International Relations, and remains an active alum.
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Co-FounderMax's LinkedIn
Max spent eight years at Apple, most recently as a Senior Software Engineer building MapKit JS, a service for displaying Apple Maps on the web. He served as a technical lead for various web apps, like location place cards and the developer dashboard, and led projects to surface live data within the Maps app. Before that, he worked on the cartography team, developing the design asset deployment system, styling location and transit data, including working on the launch of Apple’s Transit Mode. Earlier in Max’s career at Apple, he spent time on the data team where he built a tool for scaling the analysis of quality and coverage of 3rd-party place data. Max graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Physical Geography.

We are a brother and sister team, and our product development studio is a step to bring aspirations to reality. A few years ago, we started having dinner together every week, regardless of how chaotic our lives were. We spent hours getting each others’ perspective on our respective jobs, holding each other accountable for personal goals, and sharing excitement about things other people were building. The idea of working together emerged from the realization that we kept describing what we wanted to do in similar terms. We are proud of projects that balanced craft and speed and the result of examining problems from multiple points-of-view. We feel fulfilled when we work with people that are motivated by having meaningful, enduring, impact on how people live. And we get excited by the idea of continually finding ways to do our best work, while learning along the way. The Working Team is our commitment to having an impact with people that share these values and to leave things better than we find them.

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